Core Team

LaVerne Dysart

Chairman & Treasurer

I became involved with Traveling Loaves & Fishes in April of 2015 as Treasurer. Since that time, I experienced and have seen what makes our mission more than a ministry that feed the homeless. I see our volunteers serving those in need with humility and goodness. With a smile and a greeting, they give those we serve the dignity that all of God’s children deserve.

With every step of this mission, I get to work with caring and dedicated volunteers that are second to none. Being surrounded by goodness and Godliness, has made being asked to lead this ministry a gift and a responsibility I happily accept.

Edward (Ed) Bakunas

Food Bank Coordinator

I began serving with Mobile Loaves and Fishes (Now Traveling Loaves and Fishes, TLF), over 14 years ago as a substitute volunteer I was so moved by the dedication of the volunteers and the mission of the ministry that I joined the Evening Meal Team as a permanent member and am now Team Captain.


Eventually even this position was not enough so I joined the Core Team where I could help guide the ministry in its mission to serve our brothers and sisters in need.  One way I saw to do this involved establishing a partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank. Volunteers now pick up food from SAFB to prepare and serve hundreds of meals each month. In addition I currently oversee the procurement of equipment to outfit the TLF kitchen – including a 3-door refrigerator from SAFB.

Chantel Horsey


I began working with Traveling Loaves & Fishes in 2013, making sandwiches once a month with a group of ladies from Concordia Church.  I was impressed by the many services that the volunteers performed and very interested in becoming more involved with the Ministry. I attended a few planning meetings and was asked to become a Member of the TLF Board.

I am extremely honored and proud to serve as a leader of this wonderful Ministry – helping to reduce the stress of homelessness in San Antonio by providing nourishing food and other basics to our needy brothers and sisters. There are many services that also provide these things, but the focus of TLF is on the individuals and serving each person with compassion and dignity.

Kathleen Meade

First Vice Chair

• Member of St. Mark’s for 13 years.
• Member of St. Mark’s Choir for 13 years.
• Choir Librarian
• Full-time volunteer at Madison High School Choir and Theater Departments for 20 years.
• Make Ready Lunch team for 3 years.
• Communication Chair writing Winged Lion and bulletin articles for 1 year.
• Developed Traveling Loaves & Fishes Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws.